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Messina is a city of legends and travelers, history and courage, strength and rebirth.

It is a city that you cannot just visit, but also meet, know and discover.

For this travel, VMaison is in a strategic location.

Start discovering the city, enjoy the local food, and join local events.

‘Messana Nobilis Siciliae Caput’

Conosci la storia di Messina?

Messina is a city wearing well its age, but was born in distant 750 BC under the name of Zancle, which in Greek means “sickle”. By looking at the shape of our port, you can easily understand the reason!

Its strategic location allowed a rapid growth of the city, thus attracting the expansionist ambitions of the tyrant of Reggio. It was then conquered and its name changed to Messeni.

Peace did not last long: years went by along with wars and victories, alliances and betrayals. After three Punic wars, the Romans finally conquered Sicily and liberated Messina, which became an ally of Rome and exempted from tributes (envious, huh?)…